Somtimes we just need to stop.

And realize how blessed we are.

Waking up and celebrate a new day.

Drinking a cup of coffee

and eating our favorite food for breakfast.

Seeing those people who makes us happy and loved.

Family, friends and even those people we just met.

Singing out loud and say

‘who cares if I’m not a good singer!’.

Sometimes we just need to stop.

And think things over.

what really matters.

What makes us happy.

And forget those things and events that made us upset.

Past is past.

Move on.

We all struggle

And we all have our own difficulties in acheiving our dreams.

We just need to stop.

Stop struggling

And start saying

‘I can and I will do this!’

Sometimes we just need to stop

And start counting your blessings.

Not what you do not have.

Not your tragedies.

Not your mistakes.

Everything happens for a reason.

For us to learn

And for us to share.

Sometimes we just need to stop.

And be happy,

be thankful.

Just be.

And you’ll realize


Love lots,


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