Life is like walking on a hanging bridge.

You, standing at the other side.

Staring towards the end of it.

Asking ourselves– to cross or not to cross.

The moment we decided to cross and reached the middle of the bridge,

We just realized it’s scary.

The journey is not always a smooth track.

Sometimes it will shake you, scare you,

And make you want to go back where you statrted.

Do not go back! Just don’t.

We all get scared sometimes.

Just stop for a second. TakeĀ a deep breath.

And again, slowly move forward.

One step a time.

Take the leap of faith

While taking the journey,

Enjoy the scene. Enjoy the ride.

In life, everything is uncertain.

What lies ahead is always unknown.

Not unless we cross the bridge and take the risk.

Who knows what `s waiting for you at the other side? :)






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